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From Mediwikis

For venepuncture, it is easier just to follow this checklist and practice until you can do it without thinking. The most vital step is to wash hands! Another point to make is that even if you don't actually take blood, you'll still be absolutely fine as long as you cover most of the steps in this technique. This comes up in pretty much every OSCE examination so make sure you're prepared.

Venepuncture step by step guide by OSCE PASS . For more free OSCE guides check out: http://www.oscepass.com


  • Wash Hands
  • Introduce self, intended purpose.
  • Confirm Name, Age, Date of birth
  • Prepare kit:
    • Kidney dish
    • Gloves
    • Syringe/vacutainer
    • Vial/vacutainer tubes
    • Needle
    • Tourniquet
    • Cotton Balls
    • Alcohol swabs
    • Plaster
    • Waste bin


  1. Assemble vaccutainer/ needle using asceptic technique
  2. Place receptacle + bin nearby
  3. Say that you would wash hands again
  4. Observe and palpate vein (better veins are ones you can feel rather than the ones you can see)
  5. Say that you would wash hands again (don’t do it or you’ll never get your gloves on in time)
  6. Don gloves
  7. Swab area
  8. Apply tourniquet
  9. Stretch skin toward self using none-dominant thumb ‘’’without touching the cleaned area’’’
  10. With your dominant hand, insert needle at 30 degree angle (landing the plane), keeping the skin stretched
  11. Insert vacutainer/pull back syringe
  12. Release Tourniquet
  13. Pull out, apply cotton swab
  14. Dispose used vacutainer needle-holder + needle ‘’’straight’’’ into sharps
  15. All else in yellow bin
  16. Roll tubes to minimize clotting, label tubes with patient name, hospital no
  17. Thank patient, wash hands


How would you dispose of used needles, vacutainer needle holder, swabs etc?
Sharps in sharps bin, everything else yellow bag.
What to do with needle stick injury?
Encourage bleeding under running water, Wash wound with soap and water. Apply plaster and seek medical advice immediately (A&E or occupational health)