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University of Birmingham: Stage 5

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CC4 (Clinical Core 4)

CC4 is comprised of AIP (Acutely Ill Patient), CBM5 (Community-Based Medicine 5), OBG (Obstetrics, Gynaecology And Neonatology) and PED (Paediatrics).

AIP is a 15 week placement specifically designed to provide you with the experiences and learning needed to undertake the role of a Foundation Doctor with competence and confidence. Time is spent on medical wards, surgical wards, A&E and ICU.

CBM5 is an apprentice-style 5 week placement at two different primary care practices. Most of your time is spent seeing patients and utilizing your history-taking, examination and management skills. You will be expected to work to a sophisticated level, completing the full consultation including writing prescriptions and referrals.

OBG, another 5 week placement, provides you with your first real experience into obstetrics and gynaecology, managing care in pregnancy, labour and newborns.

Finally, PED is the third 5 week placement which provides your first real experience into paediatrics.

AIP (Acutely Ill Patient)

CBM5 (Community-Based Medicine 5)

OBG (Obstetrics, Gynaecology And Neonatology)

PED (Paediatrics)

Other Components

Assist (Student Assistantship) is the final placement you shall undertake before commencing work as a foundation doctor. It is not assessed, but simply designed to prepare you for your working life, sharpening up on common F1 skills and procedures.

ELP (Ethics And Law In Clinical Practice) requires you to revisit the concepts of medical ethics and law first introduced in modules stages 1 and 2 of the course. This module provides you with an opportunity for a formal demonstration of your awareness of ethico-legal and professional issues in health care as you write up one case study with interesting ethical or legal aspects.

SCE (Selected Career Experience) is the first placement in stage 5. This is a 3 week placement designed to allow you to explore a potential career option within medicine, whilst using a daily reflective portfolio to record and direct your learning.

Working as part of a group, WPC (Written Professional Communication) requires you to write various communications involving a single patient with a chronic condition. You will be required to write the following: case summary, GP referral letter, discharge letter and patient self-management plan. Furthermore, you will have to peer review another group's communications.

Assist (Student Assistanship)

ELP (Ethics And Law In Clinical Practice)

SCE (Selected Career Experience)

WPC (Written Professional Communication)