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Sponsored: Training spotlight: What does the North East and North Cumbria have to offer junior doctors?

From Mediwikis

We hope you have enjoyed your time at medical school and are still passionate about becoming a doctor in your chosen specialty. Your foundation years are pertinent to your training and although you may think it early to decide on your direction of travel, it is important to use this time to consider which specialty you would like to progress to after the two year programme.


We would like to tell you a little about what we have to offer here in the north east and north Cumbria. Firstly, those of you who have studied at Newcastle Medical School will already know that this region is a fantastic place to live. Wherever you reside, you will be in close proximity to remarkable countryside, breath taking coastal towns and vibrant cities. A financial benefit of living in the north east is that the average cost of living is much lower than other parts of the country, allowing for a more comfortable standard of living without compromising on the beautiful locations.

We pride ourselves on providing high quality education and training. This is supported by trainee feedback given in the ‘Your School Your Say’ survey[1] completed by our foundation trainees and the General Medical Council (GMC) National Training Survey[1], in which we have been number one for many indicators over a number of years and rated highly in several others.

In addition to clinical training, we are committed to offering non-clinical training in a professional and valuable way. We categorise the opportunities available in a pyramid framework which is continually progressing to meet the needs of our trainees and trainers. MADE PYRAMID has its own dedicated twitter address, @MADEINHEENE and more information can be found in the education section on our medical and dental website

Listen to current North East trainees thoughts on their training

Whilst in your foundation years you will be employed by your trust. Following this we work with our Lead Employer Trust to ensure the rest if your training journey runs as smoothly as possible. Specialty and GP trainees have one employer throughout rotations reducing the need for multiple applications and checks at each trust.

The training opportunities and placements provided by our local education providers are first class with inspirational supervisors who are dedicated to training the future workforce. Check out our trust network campaign 'Find Your Place'[2] to see what the trusts offer during your rotations and listen to the thoughts of current trainees.

For more information, check out our website or keep up to date with us on twitter or Facebook.  

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