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Speech Problems

From Mediwikis
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  • Dysphonia-Unable to make sounds associated with speech. Voice can sound hoarse or breathy.
  • Dysarthria-Patient can make sounds, but finds pronunciation(articulation) difficult.
  • Dystonia-Voice is wrong pitch.
  • Aphasia-Interaction using language is difficult- can be mild to severe. Often associated with stroke
  • Dysphasia classification:
    • 1. Expressive (Broca's) - Can understand sentences, but not repeat them. Frontal lesion. Hemiplegia.
    • 2. Receptive (Wernicke's) - Output is fluent, but comprehension is bad. No weakness associated. Temporal lesion. Field defect.
    • 3. Conductive - Both output and comprehension are fluent and good, Parietal lesion. Cannot repeat.
    • 4. Global - Both output and comprehension are non-fluent and bad. Lesion is combined throughout. Hemiplegia, Hemisensory loss, Field defect.
  • Word Errors:
    • Semantically Related- door/ windows
    • Phonetically related- cup/cut
    • Neologisms-Creating new, english sounding words for things- "bring me that shibobble"

Facilitating Communication

  1. Don't rush
  2. Use adult voice, don't speak down to the patient
  3. Make eye contact
  4. Make use of all forms of communication
    1. Verbal
    2. Gesture
    3. Mime
    4. Pen & Paper
  5. Try rephrasing, not repeating
  6. Check understanding