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In order to keep this site free from spam, and keep all information held to be relevant, users must abide by the following:

No Spam

This website is just for learning right now, not for advertising any external websites/ events. If you feel you have something relevant to advertise, contact us. Note that we do not accept advertisements from those associated with pharmaceutical companies, alternative/complementary medicines, bars or clubs.

Copyrighted Content

While many students make their notes out of textbooks, because this website is in the public domain, we cannot host someone else's intellectual property without their permission- if something is straight out of a book or a website under copyright, don't upload it word for word- instead try and rephrase it, make it your own and unique, think about what Newcastle students want- it's probably not all that block of text.


Never insult another user, or use this page to spread rumours of another student/member of staff- such behaviour will result in an instant ban, and may make you subject to discipline by the medical school.

New Articles

Because this website is primarily for learning towards exams, new pages be linked to learning outcomes- though we know this isn't always possible. If a session is no longer on the syllabus, the associated page may be archived, after discussion with the community. Pages which are wanted can be found here


These are NOT needed for edits, but are polite if correcting another user, or talking about something contentious. (citing "medical school email",for example, in Summary is acceptable). Check the Help Page for more information


No actual coursework- small examples are fine for illustration, with the exception of the Patient + Family studies, which are not allowed at all. Tips for writing these may be illustrated with fictional examples.


No individual may be discussed on the website without permission. This includes patients, lecturers, students, friends. No patient information may be uploaded- this includes ECGs, X-Rays, Photographs.

Account Suspension

If you break any of the above rules, one of the following may be assigned to your account + IP address:

  1. 24hr edit ban, with notice of infringement
  2. 7 day edit ban, with notice.
  3. Permanent ban, removable only by explanation to an administrator

Note that severe infringement may lead to instant permanent ban, without warning. Accounts which appear to be produced by spammers will be instantly banned.