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Newcastle: Patient Study

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In this assignment, you meet with a patient who has chronic illness (ranging from arthritis to post-stroke recovery) Many of the principles from Family Study carry through for this project, so have a look at that page first. Remember that ICE can make or break this assignment, so ensuring that you cover all the areas in the study guide, and no areas outside of those, is crucial.

Making it unique

There's a number of ways to make your assignment stand out:

  • Formatting-spending extra time changing the colour scheme so it's not just another style in Word
  • Patient information-can be shortlisted as patient notes, or as a social networking page (!)

Don't forget the basics

READ the information in the mark scheme and guidance before you go on your first visit. This will help you gain a good idea of what information you need to gather and where to focus your interview questions. You only have a limited number of visits so make the most of them to gather the information you need. It is extremely helpful to draw up a draft document with the headings you are going to include for each section of the report. If you do this right at the start then you can update the sections as you go along and it will then be easier to identify where the gaps are in your data. You can then use this to prepare interview questions for your next visit.

Be painstakingly obvious when you write up your method and give clear definitions of all of the terms required as stated in the guidance- confidentiality, anonymity, consent. These are easy marks to pick up but a lot of people overlook them.

Don't use abbreviations unless you establish what they mean.

Reference ALL information you include that doesn't come directly from you or the patient. Again these are easy marks as you have to get the information from somewhere, so just throw in the reference when you type it up. This shows you have gathered information from a wide variety of resources and what you are writing up is evidence based.

Try to include as many PPD/MiC concepts as possible- they include these things in PPD and MiC for a reason. Definitions of health and disease, the PETR model, Zola's triggers and social science theory around health and illness will all increase your chances of gaining a merit if you can work them into your report.