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From Mediwikis

Vine allows people to record 6 second videos of whatever they want. They're great for embedding into pages, but due to the security issues of inserting raw html, the privilege must be requested (contact Stuart).

Step one- Create Widget

  1. Get the url for your vine video. You can get this by tweeting the video and copying the url.
  2. Create the page "Widget:Video Name" (replacing Video Name with whatever the title of your video is. Create a new page by searching for the title in the top right, then selected "Create page Widget:Video Name".
  3. Paste the following code into the new Widget page:

<iframe src="http://vine.co/v/bXdAZhUATIQ/card" width="200" height="200" frameborder="0"></iframe>

  1. Remove the section of the URL in blue (leave /card), and replace it with the URL of your video.
  2. Optional: change size of video to desired width and height using the sections following the URL

Step two- Insert Widget into page

Insert the following code where you want the Vine to appear, replacing WidgetName with your Widget page name created above:

  • To "float" the image to the right without interrupting text, use the following code:

{|style="float:right" |- | {{#widget:My Widget}} |}