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Help:Style Guide

From Mediwikis

In order to maintain a consistent experience across the many pages of the site, users are recommended to follow this guidance when creating pages:

Neutral Stance

Mediwikis avoids taking a political or ethical stance, so write in a neutral, objective, third person stance.

    • Example- "The NICE guidelines recommend the following treatment..." NOT "I think it's only decent to treat the patient with..."
    • Example- "Some religious groups consider the principle of euthanasia to be immoral" NOT "Euthanasia is immoral"

Naming a page

  • Page Titles - Use full disease/section title where possible, rather than acronyms or eponyms. Avoid adding "A" or "The" before a title.
    • Example- "Chronic Obstructive Lung Disease" NOT COPD

Page sections

All pages should begin with a short summary (<100 words). This should set the scene for the page by explaining in a few short sentences what the topic is.

Diseases & Conditions

The standard information that should be conveyed when discussing a medical condition includes:

  • Incidence
    • This includes the population in which a condition occurs
  • Aetiology/Risk Factors
  • Clinical Features (note that this includes both signs and symptoms)
  • Investigation (anything that is not performed at the patient's bedside)
  • Management (this is preferred to "Treatment")
  • References

Page Appearance

  • Avoid using CAPITALS for emphasis, instead use three apostrophes either side of the word
  • Use italics where quotes are supplied
  • Use bold sparingly
  • Never underline text


Categories are used to group the pages, and make them visible in the category links on each hub page.

  • Categories- Broadly speaking, use those that already exist (here). Anyone can create a new category to group the page