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Help:Source Editor

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While the Visual Editor (Edit button) allows interactive editing in a "What You See Is What You Get" approach, the source editor allows a lot more flexibility, including creating tables, adding youtube and vine videos, and quizzes.

Edit Source

Using the edit source button will allow you to add to and amend the content on the wiki pages.

There are two options for editing. In the blue bar at the top of the page and at the far left above each section heading you will find ‘edit’ buttons.

  • Clicking on the edit button in the blue bar at the top of the page will allow you to edit the whole page and all of the sections in it.
  • Clicking on an edit button above a section heading will only allow you to edit the individual section on the page.

You will be able to add to and amend the content on any of the module pages. Others are restricted to administrators only, however if you wish to contribute further to the development of the site please contact Stuart to get involved as an administrator. Don’t worry if you make any mistakes as these can easily be amended by using the edit button to return to the page and make corrections, or by contacting an administrator.

When the page is open for editing, you will find a toolbar at the top with details about how to enter text and figures in various formats and a white box below where you can insert text and images.

To add to or amend the content on the page you will need to type your text into the main box. It is important to note that typing into this box is not like typing into a word document where you can modify the text by clicking a button such as I (italic) or B (bold) etc. In order to change the formats, headings, styles, and colours, the text you type needs to be accompanied by additional ‘wikicode’, usually symbols, for example #, “, *. This will determine exactly how the text or images will be displayed on the web page. Don’t be afraid or worry about having any knowledge of wikicode- this is available for you to see when you browse the toolbar under the different headings. The toolbar is very clear showing what you need to type and what will be displayed. The easiest way to learn is to click the edit button and dive in to have a go yourself. You can also use the Wikipedia Cheatsheet for further information about formatting, styles and colours.

Preview and Save

Before saving any changes you have made it is recommended that you preview how the page will look on the wiki site. The preview button is at the bottom of the page. If something is not displayed how you expected or intended, you can refer back to the wikicode you have used to identify what needs to be changed. Common errors include:

  • Extra spaces typed within wikicode
  • Use of incorrect symbols

Once you are happy with your preview you can press the save button located at the bottom of the page.

Additional Information


You can add both internal and external links using the wikicode outlined in the toolbar. When you preview your page, incorrect or bad links will be displayed in red, whilst those that work will be displayed in blue.


To add references to your text, first you must decide where they will be displayed, so add <references> </references> at the bottom.
Next, insert your reference by clicking the reference button at the top blue bar, displayed as a book next to "Advanced". Type as much information related to your source as is needed to find it.

Further Help

Your contributions are vital to the development of Mediwikis, so if you are still struggling please get in touch with an administrator or post your questions onto the Feedback page.