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Getting Involved

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Mediwikis is a medical student community







Mediwikis contributors writing notes in an editathon

Why get involved?

Mediwikis is a student-led medical community. The power isn't in any one contributor, but in drawing on the strengths of each individual, for powerful, accurate and up to date content.

This means that the content of the site gets much better as more students get involved, even in niche areas. It also means that you can be on this cutting edge of medical education, a powerful role to discuss, and since most doctors will end up teaching as part of their job, work on this website represents invaluable early preparation, which can be discussed later on when applying for jobs.

Finally, it's an altruistic thing to do! Thousands of students use mediwikis as part of their learning, and by contributing you're "paying it forward" to the next generation

Contribute to the mediwikis community in one step:

  • Find the topic you want to add to, press edit

Be bold, but don't be reckless- find anything that needs fixing/improving, and dive in and edit it! Don't worry about breaking anything- any changes you do make can be rolled back, fixed, or improved upon.

How you can help:

What do contributors get?

All contributors will receive certificates and named credit for everything they add to Mediwikis.

All Mediwikis contributors feel proud that the notes they write are used by other medical students in their learning!

Ready to start?