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Foot & Ankle Examination

From Mediwikis

Read the instructions carefully and examine the correct side, and attend to the patient's comfort. Observe the patients face throughout!

Wash Hands

Introduction, Explanation, Consent

Patient lying down


  • Dorsal and plantar surfaces of foot
  • Patient's footwear


  • Skin temperature
  • Peripheral pulses
    • Dorsalis pedis
    • Posterior tibialis
  • Squeeze the MTPJs
  • Palpate the midfoot, ankle joint line & subtalar foot


Active & Passive

  • Subtalar joint - inversion & eversion
  • Big toe - dorsiflexion & plantar flexion
  • Ankle joint - doriflexion & plantar flexion
  • Mid-tarsal joints - passive rotation

Patient standing


  • Forefoot, midfoot (foot arch) and hindfoot


Gait cycle (heel strike, stance, toe off)

Thank Patient

Wash Hands