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The Story

TEDx talk on Mediwikis and open-access information sharing by Stuart Maitland, Founder (note that first half is audio only).

The original idea for Mediwikis arose after seeing students sharing notes through Facebook. These notes were often incorrect with no way for students to correct the information, and there was no persistence of the good information to successive year groups.

This disconnection was confirmed through interviews with medical students and lecturers at Newcastle, who felt frustrated that the notes they were writing were lost year on year.

A collaborative platform was established based upon Mediawiki, the same software underpinning Wikipedia.

Mediwikis has been successfully trialled at Newcastle University Medical School, where over 85% of medical students now regularly use the site for their learning, coming together to write over 1000 pages of information.

Research through interviews and focus groups at Newcastle has identified that our enthusiastic volunteer contributors often have a previous leadership role through societies. They contribute information to “pay it forwards” to the next generation of medical students, and feel pride of being part of such a community. They feel ownership and academic self-esteem for contributing to the project and producing something that other students would find helpful.

The Vision

Mediwikis will be at the heart of medical education for the betterment of local medical communities.


  • Everyone has worthwhile knowledge to contribute.
  • Information should be shared, not coveted.
  • We strive to support our students and communities.

The Team

Stuart Maitland- Founder

Stuart is a medical student performing a research year in Msc Neuroinformatics. In 2013 Stuart was awarded “Britain’s Top Real Role Model” for the early concept for Mediwikis.

Stuart leads Mediwikis into a new phase of high growth and engagement. As a founder, his roles and responsibilities are varied, and include:

  • Strategy and direction of the company.
  • Marketing to users.
  • Championing Mediwikis as a collaborative medical education platform.


Alex Brown- Chief Technical Officer

Alex is a first class honours Newcastle graduate in Computing Science and Computer Games Engineering.  Since then, he has spent time working in the gaming industry in agile prototyping teams, where he has learned to always put the user at the heart of any development process to provide the best product to users.

Alex has created a rewarding experience on Mediwikis both on the website and mobile applications.

His roles include:

  • Server optimisation and maintenance.
  • Creation of mobile apps.
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Open Access

Unless otherwise stated, Mediwikis content (images, text and videos) is available under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike license.

What does this mean?

You can use any content from Mediwikis in non-commercial work, provided it is released under the same licence, and you attribute Mediwikis and the authors! This includes presentations, your personal notes, sending copies to friends, and in reports!