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Pre-eclampsia with an eclamptic fit. The fit is due to cerebral oedema, caused by the hypertension.


Medical Management

Management is very similar to pre-eclampsia.

  • Labetalol is the beta-blocker of choice, given if BP is >150/100. Need to test U&Es, FBC and LFTs regularly looking for HELLP and other complications
  • Treat eclamptic fit with IV magnesium sulphate. Perform obs every 15mins, looking for decreased RR or absent tendon reflexes – if either are present give calcium gluconate to reverse it.

Management of delivery

  • >34wks: induce labour after steroids have been given and BP is controlled
  • >37wks: induce labour within 24-48hrs
  • Keep in hospital post natal >72hrs as eclamptic fits can occur post natally