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Dermatological History

From Mediwikis

History of presenting complaint

Most symptoms can be investigated in a manner similar to using SOCRATES:

  • Rash - colour, size, shape, raised? Spread/evolution?
  • Itch-sleep disturbance?
  • Lumps, bumps and swellings
  • Discharge-pus, scales, blood?
  • Disruption of daily life
  • ICE of symptoms-psychological impact!

Note that dermatological conditions are often representative of disease within the body, so carry out a full systems review.

Past Medical History/Drug History:

  • Previous skin disease
  • Atopy(Asthma,Hayfever, Eczema)
  • Recent medication changes
  • Drugs(inc. OTCs) taken to combat above symptoms, and their effectiveness.

Social/Family History

  • Anyone else in the family affected? (i.e. Scabies)
  • Travel?
  • Occupation & impact on symptoms- any harmful chemicals?
  • Family history of Psoriasis/Eczema
  • Sun exposure- chronic mild exposure ("Enjoys gardening") and short bursts of high-exposure (sunbeds, burns on holiday)