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Controlled Drug Prescribing

From Mediwikis

Medicines that can be abused have controlled usage, and prescribers must adhere to a number of rules. If these aren't completed, the prescription may not be fulfilled! These prescriptions can be typed, but must be signed by hand. Controlled drugs belong to a number of schedules (1-4) with Schedule 1 having no medical use and therefore cannot be prescribed, and the remaining 2-4 decreasing in restrictions. Please note that there are different requirements for treatment of substance abuse


  1. Maximum of 30 days supply per prescription.
  2. Use a dedicated Controlled Drug prescription form.
  3. Prescriptions can only be filled within 28 days of the given start date.
  4. Avoid prescribing to family and colleagues unless absolutely necessary.

Requirements on the prescription

  • Patient details
    • Unique identifier (NHS number)
    • Full name
    • Address
    • Date of birth and age
  • Details of the drug:
    • Dose to be taken
    • Form
    • Strength
    • Total quantity in words and numbers
    • For liquids:
      • Total volume in millilitres (in words and figures)
  • End the prescription with "No more items on this prescription"