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CPR + Life Support

From Mediwikis
  1. Check the area for danger
  2. Check for response
    1. Shake shoulders, hello, can you hear me?!.
    2. Consider sternal rub
  3. Shout for help
  4. Tilt head, open mouth to examine airway
  5. Ear to mouth looking down casualty's chest, feeling, listening and looking for breathing. 10 seconds to confirm no breathing.
  6. Ask helper to phone ambulance/crash team, describe where you are, that there's a female adult cardiac arrest, to find a defibrillator if possible, and then come back to confirm all this has been done.
  7. Commence CPR
    1. 30 Chest compressions- arms locked, fingers interlaced pushing 2-3 inches down on the sternum at a rate of 100bpm- nellie the elephant/staying alive.
    2. 2 rescue breaths- ensure a tight seal using the face mask by gripping the mask and jaw with 2 hands
  8. Continue until told otherwise


  1. When would you stop?
    1. When help arrives, or when physically exhausted, or casualty spontaneously recovers.
  2. What's the crash call number?
    1. 2222
  3. What would you do if the casualty recovered but remained unconscious?
    1. Recovery Position