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Adding a course

From Mediwikis

Course structure pages link content from around the site onto a page that is relevant for one part of a course.

For help in writing the page itself, go to Help:Contents.

Why add a course structure?

Making the site specific to the various medical school curricula has always been a key goal for Mediwikis. It means:

  • Students can find the information they need for upcoming exams quicker
  • Students within a university can share advice and tips that are most relevant to each other
  • Any content that is common between universities is improved, as students from across multiple universities share their areas of experience.


When producing a course structure page, you have to think of how other students will access the information:

  • Do they divide the information into modules or strands? e.g. Life Cycle 1
  • Do they divide it according to biological system? e.g. Cardiology, Renal Medicine
  • Do they learn by anatomical region? e.g. Cranial cavity, Thorax

Naturally each medical school will have their own way of structuring their course, but think of the way you and your colleagues compartmentalise the information.


As learning techniques change and information is updated, your course will change. You can prevent unnecessary changes with a bit of foresight:

  • Link to high level modules first- linking to a page on each lecture means that page will quickly be out of date, as lecturers change almost every year.
  • Involve students from other year groups to help structure the page

Linking to existing content vs creating your own

A large amount of content already exists on Mediwikis, written and updated over a number of years. Certain pages will be relevant to all universities, such as pages for specific diseases, while other pages must be bespoke to that university. If you are creating a structure page, link to existing content as often as possible, but do not change existing pages to suit your course; instead, create something new!

Example: Linking to Diabetes vs creating Leeds:Diabetes.

To add your course structure:

  1. On a course stage page, click Edit with Form.
  2. Add a module by entering the name of the module.
  3. Add medical topics to that module separated by spaces. If the page exists, it will appear in a drop down list, otherwise enter the full name to create a link.
  4. Repeat for any number of modules/topics
  5. Click Save.