A message from the team

It’s with great sadness that we’re writing to announce the end of the Mediwikis project. Just as the site has helped hundreds of thousands of students across the world learn medicine and become better doctors, it too has helped us learn the techniques behind developing technology, and rolling it out in healthcare. This project has been a phenomenal collaboration, with over 10,000 edits by 3,700 medical students and doctors. We’ve seen pages from experienced surgeons and consultants, witty six second studying clips, diagrams, art, and more, and this is truly a fantastic celebration of the diversity in study methods for medicine. Thank you to all our contributors who made the website possible- know that you have helped many more medical students than you could realise. This project has led us into fields of medical technology and cloud computing for big data, and it’s through these new areas that we are now focussing our attention to provide the best patient benefit. We will be back in other areas to help you learn, and help you on the wards, but for now, goodbye.

-Stuart and Alex